Seasonal Recipes - Summer



Buckwheat salad with wild salmon, avocado, raspberry, pecan nuts & mint
Buckwheat toasts with rosemary, sheep cheese & wild blueberries
Burrata, pesto, roasted peach & tuna filo tart
Chicken tajine with honey & rosemary
Fine pastry eggplant tart with thyme & “Pélardon” goat cheese
Ful Mudammas
Mediterranean style quinoa spring rolls
Mint pesto
Preserved Lemons
Red lentils soup with mint & sheep yogurt
Salmon tartare with gorgonzola & mint
Shrimp spaghetti with garlic red pepper sauce
Slow roasted cherry tomatoes with olive oil & herbs
Tapenade spread



Blueberry & chia breakfast parfaits
Chocolate & lavender mousse, coconut whipped cream
Coconut & lime half-baked cheesecake
Express cherry & rosemary jam
Goat milk panna cotta with thyme syrup & cherry compote
Grapefruit curd basil ice-cream
Grapefruit & lavender gin fizz cocktail
Lemon polenta cake & white chocolate elderflower ganache
Maracuja, nectarine & ginger light lemonade
Masala chaï affogato
Morning smoothie
Minty blueberry tart with a white chocolate & mango curd
Muesli & cacao crumble
Peach, orange blossom & pecan nuts rustic pie
Rosemary apricot jam
Summer popsicles
Vervain peach crumble
Vineyard peach & basil tart
Wild blueberries breakfast bowl with cacao crumble