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Matcha Dorayakis

Since I came back from Japan, I tried to explore japanese cuisine more deeply thanks to all the culinary discoveries I made there. I had in mind this recipe of matcha dorayakis for a while. I intentionally chose to not sweeten mine too much, as I find the usual dorayakis quite sweet, sometimes too much to my […]

Orange Blossom Sourdough Waffles

· And cinnamon honey butter ·

Is there seriously anything better than orange blossom sourdough waffles to smoothly start the new year? These are perfect to put your sourdough starter discards to good use, and the recipe is pretty simple to make! Good occasions to indulge on sweet stuff are definitely not missing, between King’s galette for Epiphany, crêpes for Candlemas and […]

Vervain Peach Crumble

Vervain Peach Crumble

The preparation of this vervain peach crumble doesn’t require a lot of efforts to make. It’s actually the perfect recipe to use the few peaches getting too ripe in the corner of your kitchen. To make the best use of all ingredients and don’t throw anything away, I kept the peach juice that disgorged overnight […]