Quinoa makis

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quinoa makis

Today, I propose you a recipe of light and original makis: no glutinous rice to fill them but some quinoa , much more digestible and more interesting on the nourishing plan. Offering a wealth of fiber and high quality proteins, but also polyunsaturated fatty acids and micro-nutriments (as manganese, iron, copper,…), this pseudo-cereal – formerly called “The Incas’ gold” – wants the best for you. The tomato/sweet red pepper spread I added in the filling brings a Provençal touch in these makis and lifts the insipid taste of cucumber and avocado.

(for a dozen or so)

150g quinoa, 2 Nori sheets, a few cucumber and avocado sticks, 30g fresh and soft goat cheese, 2 tbsp tomato/sweet red pepper spread, salt.

1. Cook about ten minutes the quinoa in twice its volume of boiling and slightly salted water, until you can see the small germs of each grain. Stop the fire and cover the pan for a few minutes, the quinoa is going to inflate and will absorb the rest of water. Let it cooling down a bit.

2. Cut some sticks of cucumber and avocado, as well as some pieces of soft goat cheese (if it’s too soft as mine, you can shape it with your hands, in order to obtain some little sausages of cheese).

3. Put one Nori sheet on the work surface. Spread half of the quinoa on the sheet while letting a free strip about 4cm on the edge of the sheet (the most far from you). At approximately 5cm from the closest edge from you,  make a line with cucumber, avocado and soft goat cheese sticks. Then add some pinches of tomato/sweet red pepper spread.

4. With a cooking brush, humidify the free strip on the Nori sheet. Then shape makis: take the closest edge of the sheet and put it above the filling by squeezing firmly, then roll it to the end of the sheet by watching to stick well the wet edge with the rest of the sheet.

5. Wrap the maki roll in a shrink-wrap and put it in the fridge for a while. Repeat the steps to make another maki roll with the rest of quinoa. Before to eat your makis, cut each roll in 6 maki pieces with a good and moisturized knife.

quinoa makis



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