I wouldn't be able to say where my taste for cooking came from. It arrived silently, little by little, meanwhile my relationship with food was probably the most complicated.

Anxiety was healed with sweet things, food was a refuge to get reassured, to seal emptiness & breaches without having to ask others to do so. Best friend, and worst enemy in the meantime when it was threatening the perfect image I wanted to give from myself, as well as my body that I couldn’t handle to see changing. Cooking to escape, to appease, to confine myself in a bubble and forget the rest for a while. To bring even more flavours to life. Then cooking to share, to give to others even more than to myself. Having the possibility to bring joy even where there is not any, to evoke speechless emotions and feelings through each bite. Making a break for an instant, and savouring the pleasure to share.

When I’m not cooking or baking, you might find me talking about the last restaurants I tried, wandering in a Berlin fleamarket or Lyon paved streets, traveling, asking myself what to do with my life from all of mine 24 years, being unbearable after 2 cups of coffee, running in a parc or along the Spree, trying to convince my friends that I’m not a food snob, standing on the table whilst shooting a recipe, listening a symphony, then dancing on techno music, stopping sugar & getting even more unbearable, thinking about my next dress, insulting Berlin taxi drivers, putting the world to rights around a coffee & a lot of cake.

For any inquiry, you can send me an email to inthemoodforfood [at] hotmail.com or via LinkedIn.


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