A Quick Food Guide to Barcelona

2 mai 2018 0 Comments

To try to forget Berlin early Spring grayness, March was definitely the ideal month for a weekend in Barcelona to soak up some sun and fill my belly with tapas.  Not the same story regarding the way back to Berlin, looking at the rain reminding us that Spring wasn’t here yet. I have to admit that in spite of my travels here and there, I still never went to Spain until this weekend, but better late than never, or? As I mentioned it in my last recipe, I was full of hope of being able to reuse the remaining Spanish language knowledge I still had from my studies. Needless to say that I quickly dropped the idea of saying words beyond the basics as my brain would stay stuck on german mode – but it didn’t stop me to make my way through some tasty Barcelona food spots.


• Can Cisa / Bar Brutal

It’s without hesitation my tapas crush of the weekend. The dishes and flavor associations  are elaborate and change from ordinary tapas, taking them to a finer level. Can Cisa should be appreciated by people who like to discover new alternatives. The place offers a large natural wine selection including lots of French wines. Service is top notch but it’s recommended to book a table or come early as the place is indeed very popular.

• La Bicicleta

Another tapas bar that is located in Gràcia, they are rather serving classic tapas compared to Can Cisa. Everything is super fresh from squids to bolet croquettes. Prices are fair and it’s the perfect spot to squeeze a simple but tasty lunch between 2 walks in the area.

• La Esquina

This central restaurant serves many nice options for brunch and breakfast. Go for the Benedict eggs or a toast (mine was topped with Jamón Ibérico, smoked ricotta, pear & caramelized walnuts).

• Restaurante Paco Alcade

This is the place to go for a reliable good old Paella. The family business is famous among locals as well as tourists, servings are generous and brought by a very friendly staff. Plus, the restaurant is located very close to the beach.

Cafés & Snacks

• Departure Coffee Co.

A great spot in L’Eixample for a breakfast on the go or good coffee, away from city center affluence. If you’re looking for a simple but solid option, go for a basic toast with Jamón Ibérico or a cookie. And big-up to the nicest staff we encountered during our whole stay in Barcelona ! – which was sadly not the case in many shops or restaurants we went to.

• Chök

The small chain has a few shops all over Barcelona and sells mostly cronuts, cupcakes and cakes that look to die for. Even if most of time my eyes are bigger than my belly, I fell for a dark chocolate strawberry cronut. It was the perfect compromise to satisfy sweet cravings, without being too heavy.

• Teresa’s

With El Born around the corner, the small shop caught our eyes thanks to its colourful frontshop window filled with dozens of cold-pressed juices and homemade milks. A solid option for everyone looking to balance the tapas extravaganza that happened the day before with something fresh or lighter. The homemade nut milks taste amazing (try the Coco Masala Chai !) as well as the desserts. The sellers will gladly help you if you need advices.  .

• Espai Mescladís 

Mescladís is first of all a social and nonprofit structure, promoting social cohesion, diversity and responsible consumption through the diverse activities that are organised. The coffee shop itself is atypical and its atmosphere is definitely worth a break for a drink on a sunny day.




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