Thaï soup with prawns, coconut & curry

22 December 2015 2 Comments

thai soup prawn schrimp coconut curry mushroom basil rice

Not any Christmas recipe for this year because of the lack of time, but this one will still be quite useful to free you of guilt, between or after the end of year celebrations and extended meals ;)
I took some inspiration from the “Tom Kha Gai” Thai soup to make this recipe – I love the association of coconut milk with spices -, by replacing/adding lots of ingredients. I also opted for prawns instead of chicken – it was apparently a mistake for my purse, as the 10 prawns costed me 12€… This price made them even more tasty while eating them -.
At the end, the soup is quite light and fresh – even though quite spicy – and is quite welcomed for the next days of copious meals and too much alcoholized evenings…

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(from 2 to 3 servings)

◆ 10 big prawnsŸŸ◆  200ml coconut cream◆ 3tbsp red curry paste (middle spiced) ◆ 400g brown mushrooms◆ 1 red onion ◆ 20g ginger ◆ 1 bunch of spring onions◆ 1 garlic clove ◆  150g rice noodles ◆  1L vegetables brew◆ 2 tbsp sesam oil  ◆ 1/2 tbsp chili◆ a few leaves of Basil or Thaï basil◆ salt.

1. Wash and mince the spring onions, red onion and peeled ginger. Cut the mushrooms in big pieces and shred the garlic. Heat the sesam oil in a pan, then once hot, add the spring & red onions, garlic and ginger. Make brown the whole for a few minutes, then add the chili and curry paste, stir well.

2. Incorpore the vegetables brew, cover, and let bake for a few minutes. Shell the prawns, then add them to the soup. Salt as you wish and let bake on a slow fire for 25 minutes. Add the coconut cream, stir, and let bake for 10 minutes more.

3. Add the rice noodles to the soup, then let bake for 3 to 4 minutes more, until the noodles get ready. Serve the soup warm or tepid in bowls, and pour some fresh basil leaves on it.

thai soup prawn schrimp coconut curry mushroom basil rice



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